Use Social Media to Boost Your Event Buzz

Written by A-mazing Events on February 15, 2017

As event planners and hosts, we witness the powerful impact of in-person networking and camaraderie at every special occasion. Social media itself does not necessarily make these memories (people do!), but memorable events do fuel social media and keep your event’s energy buzzing for the long haul.

Use these three tips for using social media to boost your event buzz:

Create a #Hashtag for Your Event

Hashtags turn any word into a searchable link. A hashtag can be a brilliant tool for spreading the word about your program or campaign. Your unique hashtag (#yourbigday) will help you to track any activity around that keyword.

While hashtags were originally made indispensable by Twitter, they’re now used on many major social networks, including Facebook and Instagram. Anytime someone uses (#yourbigday) you can search across social media applications and see who said it, when, and in what context. Tips for tags: make sure it is short, unique, and relevant. Ask your event planner for advice if you’re not sure!

Craft an Event Web Page with Online Registration

At our agency, we love to use Constant Contact, a platform that allows us to choose the best registration modules for an event’s specific requirements. (We subscribe and keep up to date on all the new-fangled apps so you don’t have to.) An event-only web page—separately created but linked to an organization’s traditional web presence—allows our staff and clients to create powerful promotional materials without having to call in the client’s IT staff.

The key is to optimize your event’s relevance, graphics, hashtag, and call-to-action to make your event so cool, a user can’t help but share it. Here are some ideas that add interest to draw in visitors and keep them enthralled:

  • Use videos and photos on your event web page. Always add captions, and always include your event hashtag.
  • Be sure your online registration page has a confirmation screen that invites users to share their completed registration via social media.
  • Post updates to your event page or embed a Twitter feed to keep content fresh and share the energy that is building around your event.

Share Photos and More on Facebook

This year, Facebook users in the United States are expected to reach 167.2 million. You must be there. If you have a separate registration module up and running, still create a Facebook event to:

  • Invite guests and promote your event
  • Engage potential attendees through the “Interested” button
  • Point potential guests toward your online registration link
  • Build buzz around your entire event life cycle: before, during and after.

Get help from your peeps. Encourage attendees to check-in live once they arrive. Ask them to post photos and remind them of your event hashtag. Follow up with fantastic images or video clips to show off your crowd of happy guests.  They’ll want to return next year—and bring their friends!

Are you interested to talking to a professional event planning agency to help boost your attendance and start a buzz around your campaign or program? The staff at A-mazing Events can help you plan anything from a small team-building excursion all the way to an expo hall packed with professionals. Contact us at 920-788-3000 or to kick off a friendly creative discussion.

Written by Hannah Pickett of A-mazing Events

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