Our Team

Sure you can plan an event yourself, but is that the best use of your time when so much is on the line? Qualified professionals make the difference between an event that is remembered because of the slip-ups and an event that is simply memorable. Meet the people who put the “amazing” in A-mazing Events.

Joey Reader – President & Founder

As the founder and owner of a full-service event company of 18 years, Joey embodies the core values that define A-mazing Events: innovation, integrity, positivity, dependability, collaboration, and organization.  Over the years, Joey cultivated this company from the ground up, fostering deep-rooted relationships with suppliers and clients.  Her commitment to these values solidified our renowned reputation for excellence in the industry and shaped our company culture to where it is today.  Joey’s leadership isn’t just about managing three divisions of A-mazing Events; it’s about nurturing her staff, guiding them to demonstrate these values in every aspect of their work.  Joey enjoys coaching each member of the team to reach new levels of success and professional advancement.

Kara Lendved – Organizational Management Director

Bringing over 15 years of experience orchestrating complex initiatives, Kara confidently leads our Organizational Management division. The leadership she exhibits among her clients has resulted in streamlined processes and improved organizational efficiencies for those she serves.  Kara strives to optimize workflows, while maintaining a high level of productivity and professionalism.  As an extension of any company, Kara emphasizes her strong communication skills and collaboration to ensure each client’s goals are exceeded.  As the longest standing employee of A-mazing Events, Kara brings her unwavering positivity to every situation, creating an uplifting approach that improves working dynamics and project outcomes.

Nicole Hartjes – Events Director

With over 8 years of event planning experience and an extensive education in meeting and event management, marketing, and sales, Nicole brings her diverse experiences and expertise to planning each client’s event.  Her knowledge and confident demeanor allow her to navigate challenges with unwavering composure.  Nicole’s passion lies within creating memorable moments, gathering people together, and bringing her client’s vision to reality. With her strong leadership mindset, she also champions our Trade Show Management division, as well as mentors our team of event coordinators to aid them in reaching their full potential.

Megan Vande Hey – Project Manager

Bringing over a decade of expertise to A-mazing Events, Megan exudes an infectious enthusiasm for event planning. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for offering innovative solutions, Megan has become a cornerstone in the industry.  In her role as Project Manager, Megan skillfully handles the intricacies of events, from overseeing complete trade shows with two hundred exhibitors to curating intimate gatherings where the smallest details make the most significant impact. Her portfolio includes successfully orchestrating fundraising events that have become iconic in the area, such as Catalpa Pop!, Reach Utopia, and the Warrior Princess Mud Run for Harbor House.  Megan’s is also passionate about cultivating relationships with event partners, both locally and nationally. This dedication ensures that A-mazing Events collaborates with the best, bringing each occasion to life in a way that surpasses expectations.

Jenny Schipper – Project Manager

As a dedicated project manager, Jenny brings her vast event knowledge and creativity to elevate every client’s event to a new level.  Over the past 5 years, Jenny has seamlessly grown from an intern to a coordinator, and now a project manager, showcasing her commitment, adaptability, and continuous success.  Her experiences with A-mazing Events have not only allowed Jenny to cultivate a deep understanding of our internal operations, but also gain relationships with clients through comprehending their event goals and missions, and flawlessly executing them.  Jenny thrives in offering innovative suggestions to add new fresh perspectives to each event.

Kelsey McElrath – Project Manager

With a passion for getting involved in the Fox Valley community, Kelsey enjoys collaborating with corporations and non-profits to support and strengthen their operations. Her experience in marketing and operations management provide valuable organizational management skills that benefit her clients. In addition, Kelsey has over a decade of dedicated event planning experience.  Her extensive background spans both the corporate world and the non-profit sector, including employee engagement events, international and domestic incentive trips, meeting management, trade shows, and community engagement activities. Above all, Kelsey possesses an unwavering, infectious positivity and passion for client satisfaction that will ensure your events are top-notch and your goals are surpassed!

Erica Rademaker – Event Coordinator

As an event coordinator, Erica excels in meticulously planning every aspect of her clients’ events.  Her coordinator role involves providing steadfast support to project managers, ensuring seamless task management and timely completion.  A passion for coordinating speakers, sponsors, and suppliers drives Erica’s commitment to effective communication and collaboration, fostering collective success and the creation of extraordinary events.  Moreover, her expertise extends to serving as our rental specialist for external specialty linen and event rentals. Her valued responsibilities encompass securing rentals items, acting as a liaison with clients, and nurturing positive relationships.

Emerson Kedrowicz – Event Coordinator

Emerson, our task-oriented event coordinator, excels at keeping tasks and action items at the forefront of each event planning timeline. She is eager to create new connections with clients and suppliers.  Emerson believes in fostering strong relationships through communication to ensure every detail is accounted for. Emerson thrives on the satisfaction of ticking every item off her checklist and seeing an event’s vision come to life.  She works side by side with project managers to craft memorable and successful events.  Emerson’s favorite part of her role is creating unique experiences that will be remembered for years to come!


Kelly Garrett – Event Coordinator

As our newest Event Coordinator, Kelly comes to us recently graduated from UW Oshkosh, achieving a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with an emphasis in marketing and analytics.  Stepping into her newest role, Kelly brings a wealth of knowledge from interning at A-mazing Events the past two years.  As a coordinator, Kelly offers unwavering support to our project managers through diligently communicating with suppliers, tracking registrations, and capturing all event details—all with a positive, can-do attitude and smile on her face! Beyond her event expertise, Kelly’s skill of inventory management is unmatched – keeping our inventory system organized and up to date.


Sam Kobussen – Graphic Design & Event Specialist

Sam is a versatile force behind A-mazing Events, as she approaches challenges with a relentless “can-do” attitude. Armed with a graphic design degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth, Sam excels in marketing and graphic design. Through innovative marketing strategies, Sam has amplified A-mazing Events online presence, as she manages our website, social media, and email communications. Beyond her creative prowess, she seamlessly contributes to event and trade show management, showcasing her adaptability. Sam’s commitment to excellence and positive approach makes her an invaluable asset, ensuring A-mazing Events exceeds expectations in every endeavor.

Laurie Schmidt – Administrative Coordinator

As a vital part of our Organizational Management division, Laurie supports the managers of this division by being the orchestrator behind the scenes who ensures the seamless flow of operations from maintaining constant communication with clients to diligently filing documents.  Her keen organizational skills and warm demeanor makes Laurie the go-to person for accomplishing day-to-day administrative tasks.  Laurie also supports A-mazing Events through her dedication for internal operations, such as drafting proposals for new leads and setting up new client files. Her skills and support to this team are invaluable.

Jody Giordana – Bookkeeper

With a knack for problem-solving and passion for numbers, Jody orchestrates the seamless rhythm of our finances, ensuring that each transaction is captured and recorded meticulously.  Her keen eye for detail ensures that every payment – from our valued event partners to our hardworking employees – is handled with precision and care.  Jody’s 6 years of dedication and commitment to maintaining order of our financial operations at A-mazing Events can be greatly attributed to the company’s success.

Andrew Schaick – Operations Manager

Andrew brings a newfound level of operational excellence to A-mazing Events, as he manages not only our office operations including Human Resources and IT but also our warehouse operations. With over 4 years of experience in team leadership, Andrew cultivates his staff to perform at the highest level of productivity.  His background in event management leads to a deep understanding of our industry, empowering him to enhance business procedures and implement new policies that elevate daily operations. Andrew’s detail-oriented mindset and strong communication skills allow him to execute his various roles and responsibilities with ease and finesse.

Travis Reader – Warehouse Assistant

As warehouse assistant, Travis is responsible for all maintenance and repairs, ranging from basic office needs to all business equipment.  His responsibilities include delivery and pickup of event equipment and materials to and from event sites, fulfilling rental orders, and ensuring the upkeep of company vehicles.  Travis supports the seamless operation of the entire team through managing pickups and deliveries as needed.  His versatile support contributes to our overall operational excellence.

Madi Headson – Office Assistant

As our office assistant, Madi ensures that our office maintains functionality, keeping operations running smoothly. From answering calls, to overseeing mail distribution, Madi sets a welcoming tone for each interaction.  She handles various clerical tasks, including data entry, document preparation, and maintaining office organization, while also supporting our Event Coordinators with badge printing, assembly and thank-you note mailings. Madi’s proactive approach and commitment to office efficiency are invaluable, contributing significantly to our team’s productivity.