Organizational Management

LEVERAGE YOUR LIMITED RESOURCES. At A-mazing Events, we provide organizational management services to non-profit organizations of any size, solopreneurs, and speakers. Our services are tailored to meet your organization’s needs, budget, and timeframe. We provide the professional staff, administrative support, and technology your organization needs to succeed.

Our team operates as your staff.

    • Unparalleled flexibility able to cost effectively execute tasks
    • Customized services to meet your goals
    • Dedicated phone line with professional customer service

The services we provide to further your mission.

    • Marketing and graphic design
    • Social media
    • Meeting management
    • Database development
    • Administrative support
    • Travel arrangements
    • Speaker coordination

Why Partner with A-mazing Events?

    • Hand off administrative hassles and stay focused on your mission
    • Access people power to support and complement your volunteers
    • Formalize your best practices and procedures
    • Get extra support for special projects

Realize the benefits of an a-mazing partnership.

    • Highly skilled, consistent, and professional staff
    • Comfortable, accessible, and professional meeting space
    • Strengthened boards of directors focused on mission and strategy
    • Shared overhead costs (rent, utilities, technology, meeting space, staff)
    • Improved buying power (printing, office supplies and equipment)


Leverage your limited resources and stay focused on your mission.
Partner with A-mazing Events to be an extension of your team. Contact Kara Lendved at A-mazing Events to learn more.