The Dating Scene: How to Match Your Event with the Best Calendar Date

Written by A-mazing Events on August 8, 2017

If you are a Wisconsinite, rule number one for choosing a date for your special event is to avoid Green Bay Packers’ game days. It may seem silly to some people, but it’s a fact of life in these parts. As professional event planners, we are also tuned into more subtle ways to help ensure strong attendance at client events. Smart date selection is key. Consider these tips:

  1. Check with keynote speakers, honorees, and other “have-to-be-there” guests and try to come up with three available dates from each person to choose a date that works for everyone. These people may be government officials, major donors, and key vendors who have traditionally supported your event with in-kind donations.
  2. Look at local event calendars (Chambers of Commerce, local and statewide tourism bureaus, local arts publications) to see if your proposed event dates overlap with other planned events that may draw people away from your special occasion. You can find a lot of event listings on social media, too.
  3. Keep in mind that all overlapping events are not necessarily bad. For example, can you draw people to an evening arts fundraiser because they came to town for a multi-day music festival? Will aviation experts be in town for a conference and be drawn to your STEM networking event in the evening? Get the word out to these multiple target audiences.
  4. Explain your vision of your event. An outdoor picnic under a tent? A river cruise at sunset? Just like tourist seasons, there are “shoulder seasons” when events can be planned and your attendees’ calendars may be a little more open. A typical summer event can be scheduled as a fall time picnic under a tent with a tailgate theme and space heaters at-the-ready. That evening river cruise could be early afternoon in early October with fleece blankets as guest takeaways. Keep an open mind and consider some creative options.
  5. Refer to calendars for government and religious holidays, and be aware of religious traditions other than your own. For instance, devout Muslim people have very strict obligations during the month of Ramadan and important Jewish holidays must also be considered. Not only will this affect your attendance, it also illustrates your consideration of all guests.
  6. Talk to people in your network. If you know of a fundraiser that is held every year but the date has not yet been announced publicly, ask your board members and friends to contact the planning team. It’s in the best interest of each planning team to avoid conflicting schedules.

Are you interested in planning an event that draws enthusiastic guests in support of your company or organization? Sometimes it’s how you play the “dating game.” The staff at A-mazing Events can help you plan anything from a small executive excursion all the way to a gala fundraising event packed with eager attendees. Contact us at 920-788-3000 or to kick off a friendly creative discussion.

Written by Megan Vande Hey of A-mazing Events

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